We are one of the offices in Calgary who deal with assignment. Assignment means that we wait for payment from the insurance companies instead of you the patient paying for the visit in full upfront. If your dental insurance coverage is not 100%, your patient portion is due at the visit.

Our policies for payment are:

1. Our Staff will submit either electronically or mail manually a dental form to your insurance company on the day of your visit. For whatever reason, if your dental insurance company has not paid us in full in 30 days from your visit, we expect you to pay the balance on the account.

2. It is your responsibility to be aware of your coverage and to inform us of any changes to your plan. We will do our best to help you understand the basics of your plan and make these changes but you are still ultimately responsible for full payment on your account whether the dental insurance company pays for treatment or not.

3. There are several hundred different dental insurance policies and coverage within these plans is continuously changing. Unless we have sent a pre-authorization the dental insurance company does not inform our office of changes to your dental insurance coverage until after we have submitted a claim to them for services provided.

4. Some dental insurance companies will not deal with any dental office directly which means it will be necessary for you to pay our office directly at the time of the visit. Our staff will help you with your paperwork.

5. We are requesting for our patients that they leave a M/C, Visa, debit for their patient portion dated for the day of their visit. If we do not know exactly your portion we will keep your MC, Visa on file and email you a receipt showing the payment breakdown from the insurance company and what your portion was that we applied.

We look forward to helping maintain your dental health.


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